Our story

About 80% of information has a geospatial component to it but rarely do organisations present their information spatially. We aim to change that by making it easy for people to view data on a map, whatever it might be.

We also believe that people can make better decisions based on better information. Mapsdata is built by Inquiron, a data visualization and custom mapping company based in Dubai.

Our philosophy

Open source technologies are better
Where possible, we encourage the use of open source technologies and standards as we believe they are mostly better than alternatives, faster, and more stable – we use OpenStreetMap, OpenLayers and other great and open tools to help you visualize data. We contribute to the community by offering aspects of our own engineering for free or for further development and we support academic research and learning.
The Cloud offers more
The cloud frees you up to access information on the move. We don’t want to lock people into downloading software or having to be behind one computer – our vision is to facilitate information on demand and the cloud helps us realize that.
Engineering achieves
Processes, workflows and activities should be engineered and engineered again to achieve efficiencies and a better user experience. We believe strongly in looking for better solutions.
Learn and learn some more
We support academia and are always interested in hearing from people with exciting research proposals or challenging problems. Drop us a line on Twitter.

Get Data

You can use your own data set or open sources.

Structure Data

We’ve taken care of the data engineering so you don’t have to restructure data.

Visualize Data

Choose from a range of options to visualise your data.

Export Data

Export your visualisations to a PNG, PDF or interactive iframe.