There is a lot of spatial data available, but much of it, such as locations of retail spaces, house prices and public attractions, are not found in a form usable for visualization. offers a data extractor that you can use to copy quickly and easily the information you want to a spreadsheet. From inputted examples it can extract postcodes, names, and other relevant data straight into a spreadsheet. This can even be used to mix data from multiple sources to form interesting new visualizations with Mapsdata. The developer beta is currently available and we think it might be useful to our users.

The video above outlines how we used the extractor to map the most expensive houses in New York City, with full explanation. We encourage you to watch it and see how it could be used to open data for you to visualize yourself. You can try it at and if you need further help they have a page set up for customer feedback.

You could use it to extract information on local retail stores, or track events and conventions, or make spreadshets of online reviews or profiles. Anything that has clear and distinct divisions between separate pieces of data can be extracted to a spreadsheet, ready to visualize. Try it out today and see what new data is available for you to visualize with Mapsdata.

The visualization shows our new map, the bright map is visually arresting and shows a crisp, clear street level view of New York City. The most expensive houses are found in Manhattan, with the area around central park reserved for the very priciest.

See our new maps for yourself and create your own data visualization:

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