There isn’t much point in creating a fantastic data visualization if it just sits on our servers, is there? So show it to the world!

To help you do that, we’ve developed an iframe feature: You can embed the map-based data visualizations you create in the Mapsdata online app straight into your own website or blog.

Your readers and users will be able to engage directly with your data through the interactive map. And the best part is: no tech skills required!

Read How to Embed your Maps for a detailed explanation, and to see how quick and easy it is, watch our video:

The html code for the iframe can be found in the Export menu of the Mapsdata app when you’re logged in.

Simply load and customize your data visualization (zoom, color, map, etc.) and the iframe code adjusts automatically. Then just copy-paste it into your own website or blog, and it’s done.

To show a static version of your maps — for documents, print, offline presentations, etc. — the Export menu also lets you print your data visualization, or export it as a PNG image or PDF file.

Let us know what you think of our iframe feature (or of this video) on Twitter: @Mapsdata or via email — especially if you have ideas of how to make it even better.

In the meantime, try creating your own data visualizations and embedding your maps:

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