Our drag-&-drop geocoder and converter allows you to geocode data quickly and effortlessly.

Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

Hard to believe? Here’s a list of 1000 postcodes, download it, and drop the file in the geocoder!

The story behind our geocoder and converter is closely tied to the development of Mapsdata and other products by Inquiron, which we’re part of.

Here is why: the Mapsdata online app didn’t always have many native ways to geocode data. As we’ve mentioned before on this blog, we have progressively been working to add new ways. Most recently allowing the intuitive use of simple place names.

Our mapping system, though, still ultimately rests on latitude and longitude. The way we are able to plot data on a map thanks to city names, ZIP codes, UK postcodes, etc. is by converting them into latitude and longitude. This process: finding the geographic coordinates for other forms of geographic data, is known as geocoding. In order to do this, our software engineering team had to develop ways to geocode the information as quickly and efficiently as possible, and then implement them seamlessly into the app, and they did.

We didn’t stop there, though.

We know (from first hand experience!) that it can be time-consuming and impractical to geocode, say, 1000 postcodes using online tools. Although there are numerous websites that offer this kind of service, some of them are very slow, some have low limits — allowing you to geocode only 50 or 100 entries at a time, at most — and the ones that don’t are not free.

In response to this, and because we had to develop the capabilities for Mapsdata anyway, we decided to let others benefit from it, for free, with no limit (aside from how much our servers can take!). The result is this: a brilliant, free, drag-and-drop geocoder, which will geocode this list of 1000 UK postcodes… in 7 seconds!

Below is a video of the converter in action.